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Before you come on board, you should know about our experienced NIW and EB-1 Attorneys and staff. Our firm takes immense pride in representing scholars, experts in various fields, scientists, entrepreneurs, and other distinguished individuals in their National Interest Waiver (NIW) and EB-1 cases. Our commitment to this specialized area of immigration law is rooted in the belief that our work contributes to the nobility of maintaining America’s status as a beacon of innovation, science, industry, commerce, and entrepreneurship on the global stage.

We have dedicated our lives to assisting clients in their NIW and Eb-1 cases before USCIS.

Culture and Mission of Our NIW and EB-1 Attorneys and Staff

By advocating for these exceptional individuals, we play a crucial role in ensuring that the United States continues to attract and retain some of the world’s brightest minds and talents. Scholars and scientists who advance knowledge, entrepreneurs who pioneer groundbreaking technologies, and experts who drive innovation all enrich the fabric of our nation.
The dedication of our experienced attorneys and staff to representing those pursuing NIW and EB-1 petitions is driven by the recognition that our work directly contributes to America’s position as a bastion of excellence. Whether it’s supporting elite athletes, renowned scientists, or visionary entrepreneurs, we are motivated by the knowledge that we help these exceptional individuals bring their talents and contributions to a country that thrives on excellence and innovation. It’s an honor and a privilege to play a role in shaping the future of America as a global leader in science, industry, and entrepreneurship.
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